Custom Boxes Guide

Display useful media and links to your visitors via Custom Boxes, a feature unique to One Profile

What are Custom Boxes?

Custom Boxes are customizable floating blocks on your profile page consisting of a title and a content. With Custom Boxes, you can personalize your page by adding customized call-to-action buttons to bring visitors to your Patreon page, your Substack newsletter, your Medium page, or literally anywhere you want on the internet. You can even write long texts, post linkable pictures, embed YouTube videos, Instagram Galleries, and Twitter Timelines, display Google Maps, and also create testimonial boxes.

Creating a Custom Box

Go to the Custom Boxes page and click on the "Add a Custom Box" button.

Select a type of Custom Box:

Each type of Custom Box has a number of fields. They are:

  1. Title (required)

  2. Content/Caption (required)

  3. Column (required)

  4. CTA link (optional)

  5. CTA description (optional)

  6. CTA icon (optional)

Call-to-action (CTA) buttons are the buttons you use to guide visitors towards your goal conversion.

CTA icons on One Profile are powered by Font Awesome. You can freely choose any icons within the library, even the PRO icons. The format that you need to copy and use is something like this:

<i class="fal fa-planet-ringed"></i>

For Custom Boxes that allow image, you can either upload an image from your devise or paste an image link. If you uploaded a picture and paste an image link, the image link takes precedence. To use the uploaded picture, simple remove the image link and save changes.

Column refers to the column that your Custom Boxes will be placed on. There are 2 columns on your page. Column 1 is on the left and Column 2 is on the right. Click on the 'Profile Layout' to view how it looks like.

In Mobile View, all boxes on column 1 will be shown first followed by boxes on column 2.

Sorting your Custom Boxes

You can organize how your Custom Boxes will look like on your page.

There are 2 panels; The Search Custom Boxes Panel and the Box Arrangements Panel.

Search Custom Boxes Panel

This panel is used to filter through your Custom Boxes for the purpose of rearranging or editing them.

Box Arrangements Panel

The key components of this panel are

  1. Box Position

  2. Column number

  3. Publish/Unpublish, View and edit Box and Delete Box Buttons

Box position determines the arrangement of the Custom Boxes on your page. The Box with the lowest position number will be at the top. For example, Box position 1 will be at the top of your page Box position 2 will below Box position 1 and the arrangement follows in that order.

Column number denotes the Column your Custom Box is assigned to. It is recommended to filter by Column when you sort your Custom Boxes. The next section teaches you how to do it, it's very easy.

How to Sort Custom Boxes

Simply click and hold on the Box and drag it above or below the other Box to change its Box position. As mentioned before the Box position's number determine where you Custom Box will appear on your personal page.

It is important to filter the Custom Boxes according to your intended Column first before you sort them. For example, if you want to sort Boxes on Column 1, click on Filter by Column on the left panel and select either Column 1 or 2, and click Search Boxes to start the filter. Once filtered, you can begin sorting your Boxes.

Here are a couple of important things to take note of:

  1. When Boxes are not filtered according to Column, the Box position doesn't matter and they may appear mixed up.

  2. After you drag and drop a Box, give it a couple of seconds for the page to refresh itself automatically and it will then show the changes. If it doesn't change — which rarely happens — you will need to refresh the page manually.

Custom Box Options

Email Capture Box

In-app Form

Allows you to create a simple form that collects visitor's email address and optionally, name.

When the form has been submitted by a visitor, you will receive an email from One Profile's Postman notifying you about the submission together with the email of the visitor (and name if enabled).

One Profile does not store any of your collected email addresses in our servers nor do we provide a service for storing email addresses. We recommend using an automation tool like Zapier where you can detect an email from us and automatically include the contents in a spreadsheet tool like Google Spreadsheet.

Substack Form Box

Allows you to collect emails using Substack's embed form.

Embed Form Box

Allows you to collect emails using ConvertKit, Mailchimp, Email Octopus and more. All you need is to copy the embed code — usually a Javascript code but just copy the embed option that your service provider offers — and paste it into the field. It should work.

Gumroad Button Box

How to get your Product URL

  • Log in to your Gumroad account as a seller

  • Click on Products

  • Select a product

  • Click on share

  • Click on the copy URL button

  • Paste it into the Custom Box field

Checkout Page Button Box

How to get your data-seller and data-checkout

  • Log in to your account

  • Click on Pages

  • Select a Page

  • Click on Use and an overlay will pop up

  • Scroll down until you reach the Add as pop-up on your site section

  • Copy the content of data-seller and data-checkout and paste it into the Custom Box field. Below is the example of the code-block given.

data-seller="copy this"
data-checkout="copy this">
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